Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember me?

Remember me?  That girl Jami that used to blog?  Well she is still here but having an issue with blogger.  It's telling me that I need to update my browser but was still letting me blog.  Then I couldn't post pictures and what's a blog without pictures?  So I'm in the process of cleaning things up on our computer before I download the new browser and hopefully I can blog again, with pictures.  Plus Steve did something to it the other night for the Xbox that is making things real funky.

I had a pretty good post too.  Back on New Years Eve day we went to Kalightoscope of Lights at the Galt House.  A friend had given us a free child and adult ticket.  My mom came with us, Steve was working, so all we had to buy was 1 adult ticket since one child gets in free with each adult ticket.  It was fun!  Don't know if I will pay full price for it and if I do it will probably be after Christmas cause I think it was a lot less crowded.  All pictures were from my phone so they aren't that great.

So, what are we up to?  Well Cooper is back into the routine of school after our extra long break. He starts basketball at the Y this weekend and signs up for spring baseball are this weekend as well.  Cameron is just being Cameron and tagging along with me wherever I go, mainly our two days of Bible study each week.  Steve is still working lots.  He has one more full weekend at Southern Indiana Rehab then he doesn't have to go back there until April.  He is seeing home health patients two nights a week after work and on Saturdays when he can.  So he's super busy and tired but he did get a day away to go to an IU game last weekend, it's always good to get a break.  They lost though, boo!  I joined the Y, that's my big news.  They offered their no joining fee starting the day after Christmas.  I went in to join and was there at 6 am the next morning for body pump.  I love all the variety of classes they offer.  My favorites are body pump and spin.  I've done a HIIT class, it's good, I like it, but I need to build up to a bit more before I can really like it.  I can be tough.

That's about it for us.  Hopefully I can get my computer cleaned up, I need to delete lots of pictures, then I can get blogger working again.  Someone has their first basketball game this weekend, I have to blog!


Susie said...

Good to here from you!!Hope it gets fix for you soon!!

Jaime Mac said...

I have to use google chrome at work to blog for some reason. It will NOT work on ie. Hope you get it fixed up! We NEED to see pics!

Tracey said...

I haven't been reading, so I'm glad you were on a little break ;)