Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Snow Days

Before we go into all the snow day fun we've been having, let's back up to Monday.  We were out of school for almost a week but we supposed to be out Monday.  I scheduled all of our check-ups for this day and first up was dentist appointments for both boys.  What a cutie!  Thankful for kids that do well at the dentist.

Later in the afternoon it was off to the ENT for Cooper.  He hasn't had any problems, just a regular check up, but we did find out his left ear tube is out.  Praying for no problems, it's his left ear that has always caused us problems in the past, really...really...really don't want tubes again.

Monday was glorious, I even got an outdoor run in and the boys got some marshmallow wars in with their marshmallow shooters.  

 When it got cold we headed in for some Nerf wars.  

Moving on to Tuesday... Steve was off work with a scheduled vacation day.  He decided since it was a snow day we would have school at home.  He was all business about it.  Spiked the kids hair up and even dressed himself up as a teacher.

No words for this man, check out that pocket.

I told Cooper to do an independent writing and this is what he came up with.  
"I like Luke.  He is nice.  He loves to play with me.  I love to play with him".

 I can't for the life of me remember what we did Wednesday.  I think it involved a lot of Wipeout on Kinect and puzzles.  I forgot to take a picture but Cooper put together a 100 piece puzzle all on his own.  So proud of that guy.

And this brings us to Thursday.  Time to go back to school, a delay, but school was in session.  I love a 2 hour delay, I can go to a class at the Y at 9 before school.  I don't have to get up early for a 6 am class and I don't have to go after school.  It's a win win!
I was checking something on the computer and Cameron pointed out Gretchen, Paul, Pierce, and Hope to me.  I love it that he can recognize them and call them by name even though they moved when he was just 2 weeks old. 

I'm gonna bore with a whole lotta pictures.  The boys climbed up on me tonight and Steve took some pictures with various expressions.

 My favorite... the sleeping one :)

 Love these kids!

Seriously, these snow days have me all messed up.  I don't know what date it is, what day it is, I'm lucky to remember the month.  I have enjoyed having Cooper home with us, but I'll probably enjoy it more in the summer.  Another delay tomorrow and hopefully next week we will be back into a permanent routine.  


ginmommy said...

Steve dressed up as a teacher?! OF COURSE HE DID

Susie said...

That is to cute with Steve dressing up!! I am glad we are back to a routine too!!

Jaime Mac said...

That Steve Lee is a funny guy!!! I loved the boys hair all spiked up! FUN!

Tracey said...

Steve...I have no words.

Oh my gosh, I'm over snow and snow days!