Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family Fun Day

Yesterday we had a family fun day at Huber's.  I purchased a Groupon a couple weeks ago.  Seriously may have been one of the best deals I've gotten.  For $29 we got admission to the Family Fun Park for 4, 2 fossil mining bags, pizza and drinks for 4, ice cream for four, and a loaf of fresh bread.   It was at least an $80 value.  This would be great if they offered a couple times a year.
We got up there just before 11 and the weather couldn't have been better.  The slide was a huge hit.
 Cameron's poor little legs must have been exhausted.  He slid over and over again, each time running back up the hill to do it again. 
 Even the big kid enjoyed a ride.
 They are starting to understand this blogging mommy thing.  Every little thing we came to was, "take our picture".
When you live on a farm in Indiana what do you do?  You play basketball, of course.

 We don't get many pictures together, it's nice when we can get a good one.
 The fossil mining bags were pretty cool, just don't know if I would spend $7/each to do it. 

 We took a ride on the grain train.  Pretty neat to see every thing they plant and how big the farm really is. 
 I love my sun kissed babies.

We played for a while in the fun park, had some lunch, played some more, fed some fish, fed some goats, got some ice cream, picked up our bread, and called it a day.   If you see this Groupon out there again, you have to get it.  The fun park alone for 4 people is $24.   I feel like life has been hectic for one reason or another the past few weeks, not that we have had much going on, it's just has seemed busy.  It was nice to take a family day together. 


Susie said...

I just love Groupon!! I must of missed that one! Looks like you all had a good time!

ginmommy said...

Hubers rule! But it is an expensive place, cool you got such a great deal.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Fun! I love Groupon! That's the best time to do that kinda thing!

the lewis gang said...

that is a steal!!! love those perfect days!