Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Update

I feel like we have been going non-stop since sometime last week.  Cooper had games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Two of those games were late ones, 7:15, so that means a later bedtime.  One game I had to work concession late.  I can't complain though, he has loved it, which makes me love it.

He's done great at batting, almost always hits without a tee. Except for Friday, my mom says it was because she wasn't there.

My Mickey mail came last week.  These are our luggage tags for the Magical Express.  Once we check our luggage in Louisville we won't see it again until we are in our hotel.  
Our travel agent, who I know from Community Bible Study, gave me a bag of goodies last week.  She made coloring books for both kids, got them Star Wars stickers, R2D2 Pez dispenders, and a few other things for our trip.  She also made tags for them to wear on the back of their shirts with our cell phone numbers on it.  Great thinking!
My mom and I spent the day together at the outlets for my birthday.  She spoils me way too much.  I did buy her lunch, that counts for something, right?
After church on Sunday we headed back north to Greenwood for my cousin's baby shower.  I took the boys and my niece Emma joined us.  Cameron was so good!  He didn't nap all day, we left to come home around 4, this was the scene after about 2 minutes in the car.

Steve texted me this around lunch to remind me why I shouldn't leave him alone.  He killed like 8 White Castles.
I've been trying to play catch up today with all the things I didn't get done this weekend being gone.  Yet, we still had time for a play date.  We played at the park in Charlestown across from school with one of Cooper's friends and then they came over for a while since it was cold.
Cameron loved getting some time outdoors.

He's so much different than Cooper was when it comes to climbing and sliding.  He just goes for it. 

Thankfully we are game free tonight.  My house is a wreck.  It's back to the park tomorrow though for 3 games in a row.  Should be another fun one.


ginmommy said...

We have 4 games this week! It's madness, but I guess that's the life of a parent, right? Boys are cute as always!

Alicia Mcafee said...

4 games in one week!! Holy smokes!!! It's fun when they love it though!! :)

the lewis gang said...

how fun to spend the day shopping with your momma! memories to treasure!