Saturday, April 13, 2013

Opening Day

Want to know how to make your Saturday fly by?  Go to Jazzercise at 9:15, get tee-ball pics at 12:30, and have a game at 3:30.
I don't really like to use the weekend for my workouts but it's getting too expensive to to keep taking the kids with me, like I'm spending more than my monthly EFT.  We have something every night this coming up week so I went this morning.  Cameron woke up at 6:45 so it's not like I missed sleeping in for it.
Today also happened to be opening day for little league, which meant pictures.  Our pictures were scheduled at 12:50 and I was so afraid they would be delayed and we would somehow end up being there until our 3:30 game time.  Luckily it didn't take long and we were able to come back home before the game.
My mom registered Layne the same day I registered Cooper so we requested them to be on the same team.  They are mess together.
 It took a few practices and now Cooper is starting to catch back on again.  He's a pretty good at batting, he got a hit his first time at bat. Of course in tee-ball everyone bats and everyone gets on base.
 For reasons beyond me, his second time at bat he grabbed a pink helmet.
 I can already hear the moms now, "awww... bless is heart". 
 He pretty much made contact all last season with the ball and wouldn't you know it, he wears a pink helmet and ends up needing the tee.
I love still having a year or two before things start to get competitive.  Cooper is enjoying himself and I just want him to have fun.  With 22 games I sure hope the fun continues.


ginmommy said...

I hope he has a great season!

Tracey said...

Fun is all that matters! Great pics! :) Can't wait to see how his season goes.

Alicia Mcafee said...

He's so cute up there with that bat!! Here's to a great season! :)