Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just another weekend at the Lee house

Despite being a holiday weekend, we managed to keep thing low key and do pretty much nothing all weekend. It was nice. As a matter of fact, of the four weekends between Thanksgiving & Christmas, we only have plans one of those weekends. Here is just a glimpse of what we did with ourselves.

Friday night we built a tent. Don't make fun- I know it's not the best, but it's the best we could do.
This part was my favorite, we used it as one of our walls. Since it had been put up to make room for new birthday toys, Cooper ended up playing with this instead of playing in the tent.

Does this guy ever smile?

So he did check it out for a moment, still not interested.

Self portrait time.

Saturday morning we got out some supplies and went to work on a paper plate Santa, or as Cooper calls him, a paper plate Ho Ho.

Once again he was more interested in eating crayons.

He did like playing with cotton balls.

So, Cooper didn't really help much, but he did like the finished product.

Yup, that was what we did this weekend. And I realize I didn't take any pictures of Thanksgiving. We had lunch with my parents and dinner with Steve's. Food was great!


ginmommy said...

Okay...that pic of Steve made me laugh-out-loud. Also, liked the self-portrait of you two, and how cute is that little Santa?? Good job, crafty-mama :)

The McAfee's said...

cute, cute santa!!

Tracey said...

FUN tent!! Especially for non-campers! :) And cute little Santa!! I'll start calling you Martha Stewart! ;)

The McAfee's said...

Where did you get that bible CD? I would like to get a new one.

Tracey said...

Yea! Your blog finally shows an update!