Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Catch Up Post

Before I move along with house pictures, really I just need to clean it up, I'm gonna give a catch up post from my iPhone photos.

In mid April we went to Camp Kindergarten.  These two are something else.

Class of 2029.
Truth be told Cameron didn't need to even go to this.  He could have given the tour as much as we are in the school.

Cooper has had some late Friday night games that don't even start till 8. Why not give the little one some Big Red.

This popped up one day on Facebook, I love it.

Cameron had a field trip to Chuck E Cheese a couple weeks ago.  They earned a trip for learning their address and phone number.  They had our old address on file, we were leaving with my mom, but memorizing our new address.  

We need to take this kid to the boat.  He kept hitting the 25 ticket jackpot that day...

a total of 5 times.

This was our last field trip with Wee Ones.  Can't believe my time at home with this little one is coming to an end.

That same day we picked up my packet for the mini, he left me a note.  Go Mommy!

I came home from the min and Steve made me an early birthday present.  He made a homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing.  Guys... it was unreal delicious.

This is the look of a boy last week on a Monday who realized he only had school Monday, off Tuesday, school Wednesday, field trip Thursday, and off Friday.

The field trip was back to the Science Center.  

We got to see an IMAX movie this time, Journey to Space. Cooper is all about space these days,  A couple weeks ago he checked out a bunch of books on planets.  He told me he didn't want to go to Mars but wanted to man the mission on the ground.  We are hoping to go back to Disney in Oct 2017, we are checking out how much to go to Kennedy Space Center for the day.

They changed the Kids Zone but still have the water.  I remember when those coats were too big.

I'm gonna try and get more house pics up by the weekend.  It's busy one... Booster Day for baseball and celebrating someone's 40th birthday.  I won't mention anyone's name but lets say it starts with a T and ends in a Y, last name is Reid.  Did I give too much away :)


Susie said...

Fun Memories!

Jaime Mac said...

HAHA calling out 'starts w/ T & ends w/ Y' on the blog for her bday! I love it!