Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cameron is 5!!!

Before I get to the birthday celebration I wanted to give a shout out to Cooper who had his yellow belt testing on Saturday and he passed!!!  He was pumped.  I knew he would do good,  he had the moves down and during practice the instructors would look at him, give him a high five, and move on.  But wouldn't you know it he was the last group to go. Talk about making ya nervous.  He should get the actual belt this weekend, so fun!

Now on to Sunday, Cameron's 5th birthday!  I can't believe my baby is 5. Doesn't seem possible. When I woke up Sunday I found the boys in Cameron's room and Cooper was reading to him, he got ready for church and I found them again.  A moment of sweetness I want to hang on to.

 We didn't do a much decorating as you can tell but we did get an awesome cake.  Check this thing out.  Cameron wanted the lava scene from Star Wars 3.  My friend Karoline from church did it, she made the minion cupcakes from last year and Cooper's Avengers cake too.  Such an awesome job.

Two of Cameron's favorite people showed up; Aiden and Mr. Sam.

This is Mr. Sam.  He is a senior in high school and helps out in Cameron's class.  He stopped by before heading back to church to lead a small group.  He even brought Cameron a sword.  Kids like these are one in a million.

I posted on Instagram a little about Cameron.  He is such a sweet kid.  He loves with all his heart and the most important things to him are his people as he once called us.  If he sees a stranger and they talk to him, he will talk about it all day long and how nice they were.  
This birthday was a low key compared to most.  He wanted his gift from us in Disney, my mom gave him money for Disney, our Aunt and cousin gave him a puzzle and gift card for Disney.. so low key I mean not a whole lot of actual presents to open.  Do you remember the year for Christmas when he wanted donuts?  Well this year he told Scott he wanted brownies for this birthday and that's what he got.  Look at that face!  It's the like the greatest thing in the world to him,

Such a great day for this little guy.  Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate.  We had one happy guy.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!! Congrats to Cooper on his belt!

ginmommy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Cameron!