Sunday, September 21, 2014

Full Weekend = A Happy Heart

We had such a great full weekend, it leaves me with a happy heart tonight.
On Thursday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We were such young pups.

We celebrated by not seeing each other until 6:30 and having Little Caesar pizza.  I guess that's what 10 years gets ya :)

Steve had extra PRN work and I took the boys to the homecoming parade, hence the late evening and crappy dinner.  Since Cooper and Luke aren't in class together this year they are wild and crazy when together.

I wanted another picture with better lighting and got this.  He's 6, not 14.

At least one of them still likes their picture taken.

Friday was another busy one.  My mom was off that morning so she watched Cameron for me so I could go for a run.  Something is wrong with this world when I'm getting sitters to go run  I haven't blogged this but I signed up for a 10k.  I should be ready, getting excited and nervous.

While at my mom's she was cleaning out things in her garage and she found my old baby doll, her name was Madeline and I think she is adorable.  I want to clean her up and bring her home.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and setting up for our yard sale.  Then it was time to get Cooper and get ready for the homecoming game.  Granted I haven't really been to any football games since graduation, but I have never seen it that packed.  It was fun and Charlestown won so double bonus.

I was up bright and early Saturday for the yard sale.  Really there was nothing bright about what time I got up.  Most of what you see are the things Scott and his friend brought over, but I did sell all my big ticket items.  I measure the success by how many boxes or bags I have to pack back up.

Cooper set up a lemonade stand, we chipped in a couple dollars and some people gave him extra, he walked away making $15!

Saturday night we got to have a date night for our anniversary, but not before Steve made my anniversary dessert- caramel apple pie.  It was awesome!  

Now he didn't get all crazy and make roll out some homemade crust, that was store bought and he also used a jar of fried apples, but he did make the icing and did all the work himself.  I was impressed.  He took his time, made sure the edges didn't burn, let it cool before frosting, the whole thing.  Yummy!!!  

The next four weekends look to be just as busy as this one. some of those super exciting.  The idea of fall just makes me excited. 
10 school days till fall break!


Tracey said...

I adore that baby doll!! So sweet.

Excited for your 10K. Woo hoo!!

And, I'm extremely impressed with Steve's mad pie skills!

Jaime Mac said...

Happy anniversary to u guys! As far as the celebrating-hey, it is what it is! You were together & that's what's important! Here's to 10 more years of u putting up w/ that Steve lee! :)

ginmommy said...

Happy Anniversary! A decade is a big deal :-)