Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Update

I just can't seem to find time to blog on a regular basis so weekly updates are what you're gonna get.

We were teased with such great weather from early last week, especially yesterday.  This was from earlier on in the week.  
 Cameron started feeling bad Tuesday night, I got him into the pediatrician on Thursday and it was an ear infection.  We spent most of our day in the doctor's office and at Meijer waiting on some medicine.  I'm happy to report he is feeling much better, especially since he was up most of the night on Thursday.

Steve's birthday was also on Thursday.  While we were out I picked up some dessert from the Pie Kitchen and had plans on making him one of his favorite meals but he ended up beating me home so I grabbed a pizza from Charlestown Pizza Company.  I'm sure it was better than anything I could throw together.

Doesn't this make you feel old?

Both my kids have been good at puzzles but this simply amazes me how good Cameron has gotten.  I helped a lot on this but I think he could do it on his own if I did the outline.

Saturday morning brought another basketball game and Cooper is having a ball.
 Some time in between all the shoveling, moving a patient at work, and playing basketball at church, Steve threw out his back.  He couldn't even go into to work on Friday.  He's feeling much better but looking at this you can tell how bad he had been feeling.  

Cameron uses basketball games as a way to get phone time.

Cooper got a few packets of Fun Dip at his Valentine party.  I let them have some on Saturday and Cameron referred to it as "his sugar".  He's pretty much right on that one.

Saturday evening was spent celebrating Steve again, this time at his parents.  These two were pumped for some cake with homemade chocolate icing.

I decided to channel my inner gansta.

It's funny how we spent so many weeks with school cancellations now that we are back to a regular schedule I'm complaining that weekends are too short.  I guess we are never happy.  Here's to another week!


Alicia Mcafee said...

I hear ya!!! Why can't weekends be 4 days long???

ginmommy said...

I hope Steve is feeling better :-)

Tracey said...

I'm good with weekend updates since I can't find time to read! ha!

I didn't take ONE pic of the kids Saturday. UGH.